Personalised and powered by your phone

The Navdy app wirelessly connects with your iPhone or Android phone, providing quick access to apps, destinations, contacts and settings.

Command with the
swipe of a hand.

Whether you want to accept, dismiss, or return a call, you’ll never have to pick up your phone.
Navdy’s intuitive gesture control lets you effortlessly interact with simple swipes, so you can say goodbye to fumbling with your phone.

An uncharted level of accuracy.

When Navdy sits on the dash, its GPS chip and antenna have a clear line of communication with satellites overhead. The advanced sensors, accelerometer and gyrometer all work in tandem to pinpoint your car, destination and route. No coverage? No problem. Navdy will keep you on course with built in offline maps and its own GPS. Australian and New Zealand local maps have been pre-loaded.

Destination search, superior navigation powered by Google Maps. Local Maps for Australia and New Zealand.

Looking for the nearest coffee shop or making your way home?

Navdy works seamlessly with the power and simplicity of Google, helping you go anywhere.

Always on the lookout.

Navdy detects low fuel, monitors traffic, and automatically re-routes if there’s congestion ahead. And the longer you use it, the more it learns about you. Based on habits and calendar events, it can anticipate your needs and make helpful, time- saving suggestions.


 Clarity, day or night.

Navdy uses full-color projection that’s 40 times brighter than your smartphone to display directions and notifications beyond the dash. It’s ultra-clear in any weather condition, and adapts to light from day to night

Designed to endure the elements.

Driver-assist technology should never leave you stranded. That’s why Navdy’s been tested to withstand freezing temperatures, humid climates, and extreme heat and whatever else crosses its path.


Look Forward.