Get going with Navdy today.

You don’t need a mechanic to start driving with Navdy. Setup is simple and straightforward for nearly any car, whether it’s an older model or has all the bells and whistles. 
In just three easy steps, Navdy will be ready to show you the way forward.

Start by mounting the display on the dash.

The mount puts Navdy in the best position. Its flexible design lets you bend and shape it into the correct position, and provides three options—short, medium and tall—for adjusting the mount’s height. Once you’ve found the perfect fit, the magnetic attachment will help you guide the display into place.

Attach the dial
and give it a spin.

The Navdy Dial is your main tool for interacting with your phone and the Display while driving. First, pick which side of the steering wheel you feel most comfortable with, then use the dial’s strap to fasten it securely. You can scroll through menu options by spinning the dial with your thumb, and can select songs, contacts, routes and more by tapping the button in the center.

Bring it all together with the Navdy App.

To fully bring the display to life, download the Navdy app from the App Store or Google Play. The Navdy app works with the Navdy display, allowing you to control your phone without having to pick it up.

Download the Navdy app on your iOS or Android phone to begin setup.



Ready to go. You’re going to love the new view.

With the display mounted, your dial attached, and the app downloaded, you’re ready to experience the future of driving with Navdy. It’s a completely new in-car experience that enhances your drive at every turn. Have fun out there, and enjoy the new view.


Look Forward.